The Issues And Challenges Faced By People When Educating The Tribal Population

The educational picture of the tribal population is certainly rather disheartening. Well, the thing is, these tribes are actually used to living within the confined spaces of their tribes. They are completely away from civilization, and they have no idea what to do with a phone and whatnot. They do not know of any technological advancements, and they have no idea about what is happening on the planet. Some of them don’t even know what is out there, and they have no ideas how large the world is. Click here

In this guide, I will be talking about some of the issues that the tribal people face when it comes to education. There are a lot of tribes in India. India is undoubtedly a very colorful country with a rich history and also, staggering varieties of communities and all kinds of cultures as well. Each part of the country has its own rich and diverse history. There are actually a lot of places that are forgotten in this country, and these places actually have quite a few tribal individuals who have not exactly come out in civilization much. India actually has the largest population when it comes to tribal individuals in the world. It is also one of the most underprivileged communities in the entire country. Well, the first step to developing this community is through education.

Education has always been one of the best and also most powerful ways to bringing some socio-economic development when it comes to scheduled tribes, and it shall never be over-emphasized. There have actually been some initiatives taken by the ministries in the tribal sectors, and they have actually tried to educate some of these individuals. Education is actually made free for these individuals. The government schools have made education free until the age of 16, which would be till the 10th grade in most cases. The tribal population has actually rejected any interaction, and they have rejected education from the outside world as well. Some of them have actually made use of the free education provided, but most of them stay stuck in their old ways, and they do not seem interested to the learn things about the world.

Another hurdle when it comes to educating the tribal population would be the fact that you would have to travel to where the tribes live in order to educate them. This has been a very hard struggle for the educators, look at this articles to learn more.  They would never leave their homeland for anything, and it is undoubtedly hard to find people who are willing to make that commute every single day. Ideally, you would be expected to move there for a couple of months to help the tribal children.

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